Episode 2 – Assange And Digital Democracy

Episode Synopsis

We are already living in the age of Big Brother…

As the world reels from Edward Snowden’s revelations about NSA surveillance, issues of personal privacy, government transparency and secrecy are becoming central concerns for advocates of civil rights and civil liberties.

This episode of HotSpots explores Julian Assange and WikiLeaks’ engagement with these issues and asks strong questions about how democracy as we know it is faring in the information age. How are governments managing the balance between national security and judicial oversight of government activities?

HotSpots presents three high quality ‘must see’ films that will open your eyes to Julian Assange’s mission to reveal Big Brother and how directly your life and world are already being affected by surveillance and secrecy.

With lively review of the controversial documentary ‘We Steal Secrets – The Story of WikiLeaks,’ expert comment from Peter Galison and Robb Moss -Harvard Academics and directors of our featured film ‘Secrecy,’ comment from Michael Weatherhead – Director of reviewed film ‘The Assange Agenda – Surveillance, Democracy and You,’ this episode provides powerful information at this crucial turning point in history.

Featured Documentaries

The Assange Agenda: Surveillance, Democracy and You

With Edward Snowdon’s revelations about the surveillance of almost everyone, the Assange Agenda tackles the big issues of government transparency and secrecy as the internet invades every part of our lives. Duration: 54 min

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Are secrets a legitimate function of government? Secrecy is a film about the vast invisible world of government secrecy.

Watch the Trailer

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